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CREATIVE DESIGN BEAUTIFUL. CREATIVE. FUNCTIONAL. The creative design, look, feel and flow of your website is what differentiates your site from the many pre-made templates, through professional web development Unique Designs for Unique Brands
 DRESS UP FOR BUSINESS MAKE YOUR IMAGE Your website is a digital window into the storefront of you business. With an ever increasing use of the internet, having a website is pivotal, it’s as important as dressing up for a business meeting. Your website is where your customers and potential customers can interact with you 24/7.
Website Features: • Embedded videos and galleries • Blogs • Portfolios • Contact Forms • Interactive site • Dynamic site • Analytics and responsive sections
 (i.e. Articles, Publications, Galleries, etc.) • Social Media Feeds on website (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, company news, blogs
Process: DESIGN BRIEF AND BACKGROUND RESEARCH: Designing a fully functional website needs a well planned and thought out design brief incorporated with effective background research. The questions you need to answer as our client is: what kind of website do you want? How would you like your website to look like? What would you like your website to do? What is you corporate image and branding? How do you want your image to be represented on your site? How should your site’s navigation run? What is your demographic? The answers to these questions help us to build a website that replicates your corporate image, that is an extension of your brand.



Once the design of your site has been created we create a prototype site, where you can view it before it goes live, allowing any changes to be made to it. The prototype site functions and will look exactly like the live site will once it’s finished. This gives you access to the site to provide feedback enabling a successful project. It’s important to initiate all changes in the prototype environment so that when the site goes live it runs smoothly and efficiently.


DELIVERABLES: The set goals and project deliverables are reassessed after the site has been completed. The site is finalized with the client, and signed off. The success of your site is measured by how well your site markets your brand. This can be determined by the amount of time people spend on each page of the site and which pages were viewed.
WEBSITE COST The cost of your website is based on the scope, the needs you have, the number of hours it will take and the urgency of the project. Once we have this then we can provide the final cost of the project. Feel free to request a quote. Creating a website enables your business to develop a corporate image. We are here to help you develop that image.


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